A Letter to US Embassador to Vietnam, Mr. Daniel Kritenbrink

Video of the Vietnamese Community to protest the appearance of Dam Vinh Hung in MIlpitas

The Vietnamese Anti-Communist Refugees' Demonstration to Protest the Presence of the SRV Official Dam Vinh Hung in Milpitas on Dec. 02, 2018

A Letter to the Community, the Candidates of Milpitas City Mayor and Council

A Letter to Milpitas City Clerk Mary Lavelle, and all Candidates for Milpitas City Election Nov. 06, 2018

A Letter to Mayor of Milpitas City Rich Tran (pdf) about Dam Vinh Hung Show Dec 02, 2018

The Milpitas City on March 5th, 2013 Approves the Resolution No 8236 to Limit the Visits of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's officials.
Agenda, Minutes, Video

Little Saigon San Jose Special Issue 2 (Oct. 26, 2018)

Request Caltrans to Erect Sign Little Saigon NEXT EXIT on Hwy 280 SB
Little Saigon San Jose Guide

A Report of the Little Saigon NEXT EXIT and the broken letter S on the Monument
Caltrans' Reply to the Customer Service Request
Sign Little Saigon NEXT EXIT

The Political Analysis of the SEZ
Vietnam Law of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
Vietnam Cyber Security Laws

Political Alliance in Disttrict 7, San Jose
Demonstrating the difference between Tam Nguyen's and Van Le's votes June 5, 2018

Request a Prompt Statement and an Official Apology from CA Senator J. Nguyen to Candidate Van Le for Council Member of District 7, San Jose 2018

Why Little Saigon Sanjose ID Disapproves Senator Nguyen's SB 895
The Absentee Ballots Issuance and Returns Since May 6, 2018

On June 5th, 2018 Election for San Jose City Mayor and Councilman District 7

The Location of Little Saigon San Jose
A History of Little Saigon San Jose
Our Mission, The Initiatives, The Little Saigon San Jose Guide Book,
San Jose City Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Food and Health

The Promised Policy to Little Saigon San Jose of Candidate Vân Lê running for District 7, San Jose CA 2018

A Letter to the public, pdf 
Little Saigon on Google(TM) Map