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Xin Ɖồng Hương Ký Tên Petition Yêu Cầu MapQuest Xóa Bỏ Chữ Tàu trên đảo Phú Lâm ca Việt Nam management and its map and satelites affiliates : Request removing the Chinese scripts on the Vietnamese Island

Whereas Web Site using the Chinese scripts on Woody Island at the co-ordinate 16.831818 N, 247.662048 E.of the Vietnamese Paracel Archipelago which lies in the South of Chinese Hainan Island and in the South China Sea is not legally right. The Legal sources proved that Woody Island of the Vietnamese Paracel Archipelago was stolen in 1947 by the Chinese after the Japanese surrender to the Allies in 1945 and the Japanese renounced all of its rights and claims to the Paracel Archipelago that belong to the French government in Vietnam and was the Vietnam protectorate. The French protested the stealing of the Island, but because of the critical conflict in Vietnam during 1946-1954 the French could not move forward to confront the Chinese. After 1954, the Republic of Vietnam had many times proclaimed to the World the Vietnamese people has the sovereignty on the Paracel Archipelago.

So, Woody Island has been under the Chinese illegal occupation since 1947. Today, on the Web Site has all Chinese scripts which display and name the position and addresses on this Island, this display and names intentionally show up to the world that Woody Island is the Chinese while it is not Chines at all.

We write the Petition to object to the using of the inappropriate scripts on Woody Island on the Web Site, and also we request it and/or its affiliates to remove all the these scripts to describe our Vietnamese Woody Island.

Please be advised to consider more details about the legal sources and the maps on Web Site and on the Blog about the Woody Island.

So, I wish help us.

Thank you sincerely,

Hoang Hoa, The Editor of 


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